Septic Riser Installation

Things to Know About Septic Tank Risers

  • Septic tank risers are extensions for access lids to facilitate locating and access to the tank for maintenance
  • Safer in case there are children or pets that coudl possibly fall into a badly attatched lid
  • Can be easily disguised with grass, stones, or yard decor
  • Due to the nature of the risers, the lids no longer require equipment such as backhoes in order to dig into yard, saving time and yard repair on the owners part after the tank maintenance

Septic Tank Riser Installation Process:

  • The size of the access lids is determined in order to ensure a secure fit to prevent leaking or damage
  • Material of risers is decided based on aesthetic and cost most appealing to the owner
  • Risers are secured and leveled to ground

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