Septic Tank Pumping

Things to Know About Your Septic Tank:

  • Solid waste flushed goes into septic tank and collects
  • Septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years generally
  • One adult fills 300 gallon storage volume of a 1000 gallon septic tank in about 5 years, a family of four is about 1.5 years
  • It is easier and less expensive to regularly maintain your septic tank rather than fixing overflows or irregularities as they go (do not rely solely on additives as they do not replace regular maintenance)

Septic Tank Pumping Process:

  • First we locate and expose the access lids into the septic tank
  • Then we measure the liquid/solid level in relation to the tank itself and the outlet pipe
  • The vacuum hose is lowered into septic tank via the access lid in order to begin pumping; the hose leads into truck
  • Sludge in the tank is loosened and removed. The walls are then sprayed in order to ensure cleaniness of tank for the best and proper function of the system
  • Finally, the system is checked over for any irregularities or damage
  • Owner is encouraged to be present for the maintenance in order to better understand the process and to ensure that any questions had are answered and any problems encountered can be discussed and/or dealt with promptly.

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